Hey guys, juz here to promote my band, Balustrade, we're quite new and we've juz opened up a Youtube page :


There are no live performance vids yet, and no original work posted yet, there are vids of songs already written by bands like Hillsong United, most of them already improvised on..

So juz check out the page, leave ur honest coments and ratings, and read the description part...

Some recomendations of our performance to make up for the vid quality, hehe....

Guitar Solos - Forever (Take 1 and take 2)
From the inside out
One way(damn short)
Lord i give You my heart
Band meets after a long long time

Vocals - Vocal warm up (Only one vid wif good singin as the rest are juz practice sessions, and most of em wifout a mic)

Thnx guys, ur support would be appreciated
"Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative."
~Bruce Dickinson~

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