I recently started using WD40 to clean my strings, but my friend said that it would make them rust even faster and he said to use alcohol. What should I do, and I don't wanna buy some expensive fast fret.
The best thing would be to go buy string cleaner. I use Finger Ease and it works well.
Finger Ease. it's like 2.50 a can and works like god.

I put that on my strings and while it sits, I rub baby powder on the tips of my fingers. Ironic kind of, but damn I play fast.
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I got some of the Dunlop 65 stuff today. It's pretty good, but my strings didn't really need it since I just got a new guitar, which had new strings on it already.

It made my acoustic's strings sound really nice though, almost like they were new.

And Fastfret's not that expensive is it? I thought it only cost $5 or something...
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Neither, get Dunlop 65 or Finger Ease. Get something that is actually made for use on strings.