Ok so, I started playing guitar again.. because we had a guitar lying around for a few years, and hardly being used. Its not one of those high quality guitars, but it is pretty decent. It still has the strings it came with.. And i want to replace them. Maybe it might produce the sound.. But it does need new strings anyway..

So yeah.. Can anyone suggest good strings that I can use?

Its a Valencia TC13 classical guitar.

Thanks in advance
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Quote by brasuca6
can't go wrong with D'addario's pro arte.

yea .. what he said
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Agreed with the D'addario's pro arte. You can get them anywhere really. I bought mine at a drug store/super market once when all the guitar shops closed.
Daddario indeed.
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Yeah my classical guitar has Daddario strings on it now..so yeah i agree with everyone else lol
I've got a Valencia too. Daddarios are good, but I've got Ernie Ball strings on it now, and I prefer them.