Hey ho

It was recently my birthday, and if I add some of my savings in I've got $500AUD to spend...and I'm looking at adding to my bass rig, but I'm not sure what I need next.

So far:

Yamaha RBX 374
Peavey TNT115
Some cheap P-Bass copy (needs rewiring, was hopefully going to turn this into a fretless)
Some cheap Strat copy (yeah I know, so sue me)
Zoom B2.1

What else do you think I should add to this? Or should I just save up for something awesome? Another consideration was getting proper lessons (I'm self taught and have been playing for ~18months)

how much is that in £ ?
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how much is that in £ ?

Just over £250. It's like a bit over half. If I were you, Gummers, I'd get some lessons.

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A big ass upright

yamaha rbx 374. really good quality guitars man
even though they're cheap, they have a great sound and good quality
i've had my rbx 275 for 2 years now and its still awesome
in my opnion its the best one in that list
fender copies really suck, dont get any of those
but thats just what i think, go to a guitar shop and speak to someone there or you're guitar teacher
i currently own an ibanez gsr200fm which cost roughly $500 but keep in mind i play lefty. i really like the sound i can get out of it, the pickups are active and i find the phat boost feature really makes it sound like a beast. also ive only heard good things from the yamaha rbx 374
Keep hold of the money and save up another 200 then buy some ten times better.
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All depends mate, if you just play casually and not in a band situation then you don't need to look at a bigger amp but if you are id suggest looking at a second hand cab or head...in my opinion save for a lab systems setup

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your amp while good won't cut for too many gigs, sell it and upgrade
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