Hello dudes and fellows.

i have a fender 50' classic strat 2007, and the spring in the hole of the tremolo arm has fallen out, didn't new it could, but i read it at the guitar specifications on fenders website some time ago.

the problem is that when i turn my tremolo arm, it makes a kind of "metal vs. metal" sound, and it also sits a little loose in the whole, also the arm has kind of an uneven resistance when i turn it. so what to do? well get a new spring i surpose, but where to get that? saw it on the fender home page but i haven't seen a shop where u can get them. second; should i put some sort of oil down in the tremolo arm hole?

also because the spring was not there i think i some time ago screwed the tremolo arm to long down in the whole, and the screw part of the tremolo arm seems a little wasted.. should i get a new one? i dunno if the screw part of the whole is wasted or ruined.. hard to see..

so Please HELP ME!!! ARGHH

you could try to put some grease into the hole and try another tremolo arm.
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i lost my strat trem spring recently. its not difficult to get a new one just google 'fender strat trem spring', there are lots of suppliers ready to send you one. they usually supply a pack of 5 or so for a few pounds. it just drops in the hole before you screw the trem arm in.

luckily i found mine again before buying new ones, it had fallen out in the case.
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yeah i found mine to.. but at that time i had no idea what it was for.. but i remember i put it somewhere .. but can't remember where.. so guess i am going to order some ... thanks for the tip:P... what about oiling the arm? buying a new arm?
I have found the tremolo arm tension springs at varius websites... but can't find a website witch also surplies international... i live in denmark, Europe.. can only find surpliers for america..
I bought a few at a guitar shop - no need to fool around online.