i'm going to sell my boss me - 50 because i got a new amp (crate vc1226). and the me - 50 sounds like crap (especially the dist/overdrive) on this new tube amp.

now with my money i going to get from the me 50 and some saved money, i'm going to get me new effects ( like 3 pedals or something).

I def. need a good overdrive/distortion and a good delay.
and something else ( phaser,chorus,reverb)

If you have any recommandations for some effects who will sound good on this amp, please let me now.

i play music that sounds a bit like : bloc party, killers and editors
If you plan on using your amp's distortion, get an MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive, or a BOSS DS-1.
Get a wah pedal, get a BOSS DD-6/Digitech Digi Delay, get a Graphic Equaliser.