What modulation pedal do you think is the best and most reliable yet cool at the same time?
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Any kind. Whether it would be flanger, phaser, tremolo, chorus, etc. :P
Metal is my RELIGION, Judas is my priest.
Although it's not to everyone's taste, chorus is probably the most useful.
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Phaser, in that case a Phase 90. Chorus, EH Small Clone. Delay (Don`t know wich)

Delay is not a modulation effect...it's time based

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Eventide Mod Factor

This one is really good but also very expensive!

Chorus is the most useful effect and is present in a lot of styles, even if it is mixed with overdrive or distorsion over it.
I'd say you can reach a near-Chorus/near-Phaser effect using a Flanger pedal, with the right settings...

Having said this, I can also recommand you some pedals : (around $50-$100)

Chorus : Boss CE-5, EHX Small Clone, MXR M-134
Flanger : Boss BF-3, MXR M-117R, EHX mistress
Phaser : EHX Small Stone, MXR M-107, Boss PH-3
Trem : EHX MicroPulsar, Boss TR-2, MXR M159

For all-in-one modulation pedal, I'd say Eventide Mod factor, Line 6 MM4 Modulation, Marshall Regenerator Stereo Modulation, TC Electronic NM-1 Nova Modulator ... All are pretty expensive though... (around $150-$200).

Hope this helps !
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Phase 90 FTW! best phaser ever. one knob, one kill, simple and effective.
plus it has the bitchin' construction worker's orange finish
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Weird as it is for someone not living in the 1960's, I actually use tremolo more often than any other modulation pedal. The coolest mod is ring mod, I love occasionally turning the ring mod on and having my bass sound like thunderous synthy church bells.