Now...if you're running an Engl tube preamp into a Carvin TS100 Power amp (tube as well)....can you turn up the power amp for good saturation as well as the gain on the preamp..and control overall volume via the preamp? im saying this cuz i want to know if i can get a good tube tone without shattering the foundations of my house and pissing off neighbors
Erm... not really. It might work, but who knows.

You could buy an attenuator so you ca crank both pre and power amps,, then reduce the volume coming from the speakers.
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I find that with pre/power setups it's worth experimenting with different volumes on each component, i like to keep the power amp saturated at about half volume then control my master with the preamp volume.

If i need a bit more headroom in a gig situation i'll just turn up the power amp volume, as my preamp is Solid state so i cant drive it as much. Experiment with both, but you should be able to achieve a usable bedroom tone from it.
yea i dont gig very often and when i do they are smaller venues..im more primarily focused on achieving a good household friendly tone. i was thinking about originally going solid state for the power amp...but im worried about it killing the tone of my engl tube preamp