I've got a few items for sale. No trades unless you've got a Morley Bad Horsie wah!

Takamine EG540SSC with hardshell TKL case, strap, and brand spankin' new strings. Pics available upon request. She's about a 9/10. Great guitar! - $400 shipped

BBE Sonic Stomp w/ adapter - $60 shipped
Presonus EQ3B - $60 shipped
Matched pair of JJ 6L6 tubes - $35 shipped

Paypal preferred... Thanks!
EB JP6 (Mystic Dream), Peavey Predator (USA), Takamine acoustic

Mesa/Boogie DC-3 shorthead, 2 Recto 1x12s, BOSS GT-8 (4CM), Morley BH Wah

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