Im selling my Laney LC15r valve amp because...well im selling everything! but mainly because its not quite what i want. Im not too fussed on its sound, i should have bought the VC15 in all honesty as i prefer that british voiced sound.

I only play this clean (has really nice cleans actually) and i get my overdrive from the Vox Tonelab LE (also for sale). Those 2 work really well together but id rather get the sound im after from just one thing (getting a Tiny Terror). I dont crank my amp at all as i use the tonelab to get my overdriven sounds at bedroom volumes, so this is in great nick. I bought it about 8 months ago and it has served me well, but i want something more aimed at my style, hence the TT and attenuator.

It sounds great clean and as i havent cranked it i cant vouch for its overdriven tone. The loudest i can play makes the OD sound fizzy because it isnt being pushed hard enough. This amp is not for a bedroom player unless played with something like the tonelab (which the amp loves!) So please dont buy it and complain because it sounds fizzy - unless you are cranking it then it will, because most valve amps are like that! From what i can tell when playing it overdriven at quiet volumes it is quite american voiced, not quite metal (but probs with an OD) but a good american rock sound. Youtube will probably tell you better (or harmony-central)

You are buying a Laney LC15r that doesnt get cranked or abused, has never been gigged with, is only 8 months old, is the celestion speaker model and all in all from my experience is a cool bedroom amp if paired with something like the tonelab. This thing is LOUD and id say a small gig could be done with it.

There is a pic on my profile and also a soundclip of it and the tonelab being used together (the sweet child of mine one) the crunchbox soundclip is the laney LC15r on clean aswell, with an MI audio crunchbox before it.

forgot to mention: paypal or cheque only - if you send a cheque i wait for it to clear before i send the amp however

Pickup is welcome from Stockton-on-Tees. Cash on collection if that is easier
no offers at all of anything?!? I really need this to go now, ive decided to keep my tiny terror and get it serviced and revalved and the such... so i need the cash!
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£115 posted and i may be interested (only because there's no way i can get up north i'm affraid)
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

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4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
just got this to sell now, £125 delivered to your door is a great price!!

If it makes you feel better ill word it differently! only £110!!!...

...before delivery
I hope someone buys this soon otherwise i am going to have to save up for it!

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

Haha start saving!

Its a great little amp, a tone monster for its size! Its just more american voiced when I prefer a british voicing. I'd keep it otherwise!
Uk, damn.
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I really need rid of this, i didnt realise that I couldnt pay the tech for servicing my tiny terror until i sell this!

I will consider trades providing a bit of cash comes my way!
Hey, i sent you a PM but thought i'd post here aswell. If you still have it I'd like to buy it from you.
£120 delivered thats pretty good. I would go for that, just sold my Gibson and my line6 so I have the cash
haha why does everyone become interested when i finally put it on ebay!! I had absolutely no interest for ages so i listed it.

Im afraid it has currently gone past the £120 delivered mark, its on £110.50 and p+p is £15. Im sure im not allowed to post a link but you can PM me if you are interested.
I just saw it, you are doing well with it, sadly I only sold the Line6 yesterday and the Gibson today.
still I shall have a look on ebay for another. Whats the difference between lc and vc ?
the lc is american voiced and the vc is british voiced. apparently the VC is better tonewise, but it does have reliability issues which i havent experienced with the LC.

Both are good amps. just depends what you are playing, british voiced stuff or american voiced stuff