I just recently acquired a Fender Bassman and I was very surprised to how good this sounds with my Strat. The bassman doesn't have any gain on it though, and I am looking at getting a pedal for this.

My friend who sold me the bassman suggested I try out his tube screamer, but I was looking at distortion pedals such as the boss one or whatever.

My question is, does anyone have experience with the tube screamer and the distortion pedal and can compare them? Which sounds better and whatnot..

Tubescreamer=god. And easy to mod to your liking too. Boss Blues Driver, and the Digitech Bad Monkey are also other good choices.
a tubescreamer and boss distortion (i'm assuming you mean ds-1 or ds-2) are completely different pedals. tubescreamer is an overdrive which creates a different effect than distortion. the overdrive will let your tone show more than if you get a ds-1, which tends to make everything sound somewhat the same.
What kind of bassman?

It should have overdrive on it, you just need to turn it up.
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What kind of bassman?

It should have overdrive on it, you just need to turn it up.

not everyone is in the situation to crank their amps.

i would suggest the TS808. they kick ass. plus, you can mod 'em to your specs pretty easy.
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^ Exactly, to get an OD tone on that amp you would have to turn the volume way up a get power tube OD..... TS if your into 60-70 rock tones or SVR, then I would recomend getting a attenator so you can get the tone your amp is known for having at a resonable volume. A tube screamer also works, buts its just not the same as the amps OD power tube saturation.
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The right pedal depends on which bassman you have. Which bassman do you have?
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not everyone is in the situation to crank their amps.

i would suggest the TS808. they kick ass. plus, you can mod 'em to your specs pretty easy.

Different bassman's have different break ups, if its a tweed bassman, it should actually break up at a pretty reasonable volume and break up quite nicely.

Depending on what type of sound you want, you're looking at different OD's. The TS-808 is often suggested, but it colors your tone a fair bit and gives you this huge mid spike, and a very warm and round top end. Its good for blues but not if you're into a more aggressive attack.

I personally don't like it for distorting a clean signal
It's a vintage 70s Bassman Ten 4x10 combo

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Well I would like a sort of tough Jimi Hendrix or SRV Lead... and good rhythm distortion with a lot of crunch.
hendrix, srv allot of crunch=tubescreamer.....A "distortion" pedal will take everything thats good about that amp and **** on it.
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Ok, that's a lot for your input. I'll let you guys know when I make a purchase and will post some clips of the tone.
Try out some Tubescreamer-style pedals. Green Screamer, TS808, 9, or 9DX, Jaques Overtube, Bad Monkey, bla bla bla. You should really just sample lots of them to find one that you want.
Unless you have done the fixed bias mod and taken out all the treble bleed caps I wouldn't go with a tube screamer. That amp had very poor high end right from the get go so using a tube screamer is just going to muddy it up. Something like an electro harmonix graphic fuzz could be good because you can get nice bite, good distortion, and pretty reasonable compression that will let you adjust how spongy it is, and the EQ makes it so you can have as much or as little bite as you want. All and all it's a very good pedal for silverface fenders.
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Jimi Hendrix and SRV's tones sound very different. You can do SRV very easily with a tubescreamer, but I'd suggest a Fulltone OCD or Zvex Box of Rock (if you have the cash) for a more versatile tone. The tubescreamer just doesn't have the edginess needed for Hendrix lead or rhythms.
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I can't seem to find the graphic fuzz on musiciansfriend....

It's been discontinued but if you search google's shopping site it should come up in a few places. You might also want to look on ebay.
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So I just took a look at that amps schematic. It looks as if it could be a seriously nice amp with just a few resistor changes and a bit of creative wiring. You could probably spend the money on an amp tech rather than a pedal and get them to make the amp sound as alive as you need it to. A tech could make the normal chanel a great chanel for with a for distortion (after a litle work on the tonestack) and your studio chanel would be good for cleans. Just a thought...
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Well.. I don't know if I want to tamper with the original layout of the amp, as I'm hoping it will maybe be worth something in the future.

But how much do you think it would cost to do this?
^I don't know what the cost would be around your area but chances are it needs an overhaul anyway. Rewiring the master volume so that it actually sounds good will be a new $10 pot and take 10 minutes, rewiring bias will take another 10 min and only take 1 or 2 resistors. Redoing the tone stack on the normal side will take about 20min and cost about $5 in parts. The rest of the mods are just cutting parts out that you don't need and fixing some layout issues which will take another half hr or so. So you are looking at an hr to an hr and a half work and $16 in parts for the mods. If the filter caps need replaced that'll be another $30-$60 in parts but if you need new caps and don't replace them then you are just going to ruin your amp and you will never sound good.
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My friend who I bought it from took care of it, but I'll ask if I need to replace anything. He also put new speakers in there.

But I'll take a look at that... thanks for bringing that up maybe I'll end up doing it.
So I tried out the Ibanez TS9 yesterday, and I don't think it had enough crunch for me. I did really like the tone it had for distortion and soloing, but I need a pedal with more crunch... Would the TS808 have more crunch? or the Jacques Tube Blower?

EDIT: What about an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff ?
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I suggest it all the time, but maybe a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde? It's a TS808 clone on the Jekyll side, and a better distortion than the Boss on the Hyde side. Really nice pedal.
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