so i already kind of knew how to do them...but yesterday, i followed advice from people about turning my 5150's pregain down to about 4 for bedroom level instead of 6/6.5 and boy what a difference!

the harmonics had so much for 'clearer' clarity, AND i finally figured out the sweet spots for the 3rd fret E & A string, 8th fret, 10th fret....the main frets that a lot of bands i cover use

and this was just bedroom level...cant wait to crank my amp, boost with an overdrive & squeal away!!

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Sweet!Just don't use it too much like Zakk Wylde.

I remember when I first discovered pinch harmonics,"WTF is this noise?".After 6 months,then I discovered what it's called.
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Zakk doesn't overuse PH. He just does it perfectly every time.

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