Instead of potting the pickups, i've decided as the wirings all messed up in my Epiphone, that I'm going to take the bridge pickup out of the Epiphone and put it in my Les Paul copy, as the Epi pickup has a nicer tone to it.

Am I right in thinking that'll also have to transfer the volume and tone knobs from the epi to the les paul too? And will it be fine working with the new pots and the old ones for the neck pup that I'm not going to replace.


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Unless your l pots are wrecked you should be fine with the origional ones. You should be able to mix and match the old and the new as well. The only thing to watch is the ratings on the pots. I'm going to assume your dealing with 500Ks for volume and 250Ks for tone in both guitars (standard for humbuckers).

Also, just make sure you hook up the wires properly if need be, just google a Les Paul Wiring diagram to make sure.

Good luck