How would I do that. I'm not too hip on the music making end of things. I just enjoy learning songs. Say I wanted to Dancing for Rain by Rise Against and make it an acoustic cover. How do I switch the normal power chords into ... I don't know.. real chords?? I know this sounds stupid and I'll be expecting some laughs. lol thanks.
Well, first of all the intro and interlude are already acoustic lol.

You could just play the full E or A major shapes of each barre chord, but I don't see the need, honestly.

If you have both guitars and one plays the pathetic excuse for a "lead" the sound will be pretty full with the drop D power chords, just make sure that when your playing the chords they get to ring out well.

If your not used to playing on an acoustic guitar, a song with fast power chords like that might be difficult to play clean and un-muffled is the only problem.
Yeah I know what you mean. I just wanted to pick an easy song to start with. The lead is what... pretty much octaves the whole song. Just like every other song from them.

With two guitars it probably wont sound to bad. Nobody wants to play acoustic around here anymore. Its all about HARDCORE lol.