Gday, I bought 2 new pickups for my epiphone G400. I am unsure of whether i should install them my self or get them installed by my Luthier. There is no doubt about it, regardless of whether i do it my self of have it done professionally, i will have the hole guitar set up by the LUthier including adjusting the pickups.

I installed new pickups on my old guitar, and in terms of soldering it up and screwing them in, it seems anyone could do it, but is there more to it then just soldering, screwing and adjusting? Cos when i installed them in my old guitar they sound bad, maybe i didnt insulate the battery properly, or had wires running to close to it i dunno,

Anyway, what do u reckon i should do?
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If you're not sure of your own skills... maybe a pro is the best option. Just try to find someone who won't charge you an insane price to install pickups.

There are some things to mind inside there... grounding properly being the #1 importance.

When you solder, you have to be sure that all your solder joints are drying shiny in appearance. If not, then they are cold joints. The guitar uses such small amounts of electricity that increasing resistance at one of those points can ruin the tone.

This problem usually shows up when people try to solder to the back of a pot and don't get the pot heated up enough to accept the solder. It's not glue, it must be bonded by heating both the wire and the surface thoroughly.

Aside from that, you follow the diagram and be sure nothing is touching anywhere it shouldn't.. and you're good.
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