OK, recently i decided to upgrade the pickups on my ibanez Jet King, and i decided to upgrade in stages and get the Seymour Duncan antiquities. I was about to do this when i realized that I would be putting 150$ pickups ($180 with installation) into a guitar that i paid $180 for. So after doing tons of research, I am seriously doubting what I'm doing. does it make any sense what-so-ever to put what will end up being $360 in a guitar that i paid $180 for?

people are goin to ask what amp I have, and i have a spider III. i need an upgrade, duh. but i'm goin to do another thread on that in a couple of minutes, so ignore that fact for now.

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yeah, you may as well. That'll get a nicer sound out of your current guitar, and when you decide to upgrade your guitar, just move the pups.
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Why not? If you love the guitar's feel and wish to upgrade, go ahead. People kit out their Squier's out, putting in like double the original value of the guitar and love their Squier some more!