two days ago i shredded all day wayy too fast to the point that my left forearm was tense, yesterday i was in a little pain but i still played all day and now it kills (now i know that u should never ever tense up... im an idiot) ... so im taking the day off from the left hand and devoting it to right hand excersizes like tremalo picking, sweep picking, tapping any advice on any special right hand excersizes? or any advice on how i should refrain from being an idiot and tensing up when i shred?
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dude stop, just stop.... give yourself a couple days to heal up and then go about perfecting your technique the proper way. i personally can play a million miles an hour for HOURS AND HOURS because i'm using good technique. had you played the other day with proper technique you could have too. i recommend instead of practice alt picking or sweeping or whatever, you make sure you have a good technique before you do any of that.

as for advice on not tensing up, i don't know what to tell you other than "just don't tense up" if you feel your arms/hands/wrist getting tense then stop. play what you can tension free after awhile speed will come naturally.
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as for advice on not tensing up, i don't know what to tell you other than "just don't tense up"

Good body posture
Pick from the wrist.
^ sorry, i probably should have posted those, i figured breathe was obvious since we don't want the TS dead. good body posture is correct to an extent and a i figured pick from the wrist was common sense too. i hate to say that if those are the correct answers this question might've belonged in the basics forum.
Maybe better in advance techs since the TS sounds like a budding shredder. Seriously tho, I really do mean it when I say breathe. I've described the reasons why in other threads.....