I have been listening alot to Paul Gilbert recently, most of the album "Get Out of My Yard", and I've noticed that the bass has the most superb tone, and that I would love to get at least a small resembelance to that sound.

This video also shows soem of that sound. Do I have to play a rickenbacker with a pick to get that tone?


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I think it sounds a lot like his live bassist's sound. Maybe he used the same bass as his bassist did live?

For example, at Guitar Wars, Nuno played with Paul's bassist.


And here is Scarified from the same gig:

I reckon it's more P bass than Rickenbacker though. Doesn't sound very bright, as you usually expect all maple, single coil equipped Rics to be. I don't know if it's a modded Ric, or a custom bass in a Ric shape though. Either way it has P bass pickup.
Yeah I forgot to post the link Scarified as well.

I got a P-bass by the way, and it sounds nothing like that tone really. I'm not too good on the whole topic with amps, effects and whatnot, so any help would be appreciated alot.
I'd say, look at his amp.
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