I hold my thumb and middlefinger together loosely and on the downstroke use the nail of my middlefinger and on the upstroke the nail of my thumb.
the invisible pick method is the proper way i think.
but i use my thumb, i curl the rest of my fingers, and then just slap it around, works well for me.
but i use picks, so its not too much of a problem o_o
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I do it flemenco style, or skiffle style. You kinda flick with your finger nails.

Yes, this rules. Takes some practise though.
Wow. How has no one said that THERE IS NO "PROPER" WAY TO STRUM.

There are a number of different standards here:
1. Strumming with the thumb: it works, but you get a rather bass-y, low tone
2. Strumming with fingernail (e.g. middle): gives you a very loud, sharp tone
3. "invisible pick" method: I don't know, never tried
4. rasguedo (flamenco method): the "best" I've seen, gives you a sound very close to a pick-strum, yet still its own. It takes a bit of practice to be able to do properly.

Strum however you want. Get the sound you like. There are no rules for strumming.

EDIT: The rasguedo technique can be seen extensively in this video.
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I usualy use the back of my index finger,sort of like holding a pick and just strummming it that way having my thumb and index finger hit the strings
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it doesn't rly matter wich fingers u use, I think.

atm I'm trying to strum WITH a pick , because I've been playing in a classical guitar for almost a year and I just got an electric, but when I played the classical I strummed with my nails, strum down with tour index's, middle finger's and ring finger's nails and strum upwards with u'r thumb's nail
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