Im looking to buy a 6505 head and a cab at the end of this week. I have about $1875 saved up and I was wondering what kind of cab to get. I was checking prices and I can get a 6505 and a 1960 marshall cab for the same price as a 6505 plus and the peavy cab that comes with it. Is the peavy cab any good? Does the one extra tube in the 6505 plus make a difference?

Also, any other suggestions for a cab + 6505 head combo for $1800 are gladly appreciated. Thank you
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I personally dont like the peavey cabs, I would either go with the 1960A/B cab or a avatar cab.
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Yeah, ive been hearing about peavy cabs being meh
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Peavey cabs are poor. Avatar and Vader are definately worth a look.
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are you looking for a 4x12 or a 2x12?
I'll just go ahead and jump on the Vader and Avatar bandwagon and recommend that , Also what sound are you going for?
Well, Im currently playing in a metal band thats kinda like an in flames melodic sound mixed with a Black Dahlia Murder/White Chapel sound (if I had to describe it lol). Im looking for a 4x12 cab as well
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The rock/ metal standard would be a cab loaded with v30's
I would recommend an avatar cab loaded with celestion g12k-100's
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Get my vote. I don't have a clue on pricing though
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Do not, i repeat: NOT buy a 1960 A or B. These cabs in combination with the 6505 result in a fuzzbomb. Its better to buy the 1960 AC or AV (or BC or BV): the version with greenbacks/V30's.
The G12T75 speakers arent good with the 6505. Its too much, over the top. Its not a good tone.
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