I have decided that I want to switch schools, but I don't know how to tell my mom..

The school I go to now is just overly poor, theres so much drama that goes on, and where I live there are absolutely no job opportunities.
Plus I only have 2-3 friends there, so I'm like a ghost at my school.

The school I want to go to is near where my dad lives, its a bigger and a much better school. Where my dad lives is this huge town where I see tons of job opportunities, and since they are in the same town it would save me driving time and gas money. I already have some friends that go there, and I'd like to make new friends too.

How can I convince my mom that I want to switch schools and stay with my dad?
(my parents are divorced)

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rape just talk to her about it...im sure she'll understand
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Just present her with the facts, and tell her that you believe it's better for you.
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Be brutally honest.

If she says no, do it anyway.
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Tell her what you just told us now.
If it really is better for you and your future she should let you go.
Tell ur mom this: Daddy is richer than you, b**ch!!

[nah, im joking... talk to her about it that its really bad!!]

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