1000$ Plus shipping:
Hey guys. Selling my RGA321F so I can get an RG550 20th or a PGM301. This guitar is in pretty much perfect condition except for one little chip(VERY little) on the side(doesnt go past the paint). Ill take pictures of it soon. I upgraded the bridge pickup to a Dimarzio PAF Pro. I replaced the tone knob with a Kill switch. I can install the tone knob back in place if you would like. Comes with Prestige case and all case candy(manual, price tag, and all). These go for 1450$(USD) new, so I'll let this go for $1000 plus shipping. This thing has an AMAZING finish. The transparency is really nice. You cannot capture the finish well enough in the pictures. Also. The Maple top with the mahogany back gives it an AWESOME sound, combined with that PAF Pro. ;-). Anyways, I'd like to be paid through paypal or money order. Let me know if you are interested or want more pics. Here are the pics I have:
Contact me via email: evantaucher@gmail.com