Im stuck, I would love to record some guitar, bass, vocals and create a drum track, combine the lot and voila, a song, im happy! But how?

What programmes for guitar, bass?
What gear?
What to do for drum beat?
What to use to combine the lot?

Id really appreciate some help here, as just audacity doesnt cut it.

I create a drumtrack using the MIDI from GP and then converting it in Fruity Loops. I then move this track to Ableton Live and use my guitar/bass amps to record those tracks over the drum track. Same with vocals.
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Recording with Audio and MIDI - See Tweak's Guide (in my sig)

I use Sonar 7 Producer as my sequencer, it has Session Drummer 2 for drums and everything else I have outboard which I run to an M-Audio 2496 PCI interface.
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GP is guitar pro im assuming?
Are fruity loops and ableton live free?

GP = guitar pro

Fruity loops and Live are not free, but their trial versions (which I'm using) are.
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You sir are a dick!
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And then again, Wildthang, "You're probably NOT one of them clean Socialists, either"

I really have tried but do not understand tweaks guide, and i cannot buy any new gear such as pre amps or sound cards.

I have a Korg D4 track recorder thing and that destroyed me, I could not use it, it was far too complex.

Is there one audio programme which easily incorporates all these elements, such as drum beats and recording ?
Newbie to computer recording here as well.

So far, what has worked for me is this...

Spend 4 hours programming a VST drum track in Cubase 4 LE

Spend 5 minutes recording my mic'd guitar/amp over the drum track (double or triple with more rhythm tracks) using a Presonus USB interface

Spend 5 minutes recording my bass (direct thru Presonus USB interface)

Spend 5 minutes soloing (mic'ed guitar/amp)

Spend 5 minutes singing vocals (mic'd thru Presonus USB interface)

Spend 3 days editing and mixing in Cubase!

Check my profile for my first recording project in Cubase. C4C please....I used the easiest cover song to get started. Start with an easy song so you can worry more about using the software than the actual song.
I use Audiobox by Presonus http://www.guitarcenter.com/PreSonus-AudioBox-USB-243007-i1388074.gc

Its basically a piece of equipment that will allow you to transfer your guitar sound/signal into your computer. You can plug directly into this box or mic it up. From there the signal goes straight to your computer via usb (some are firewire).

Cubase LE 4 is the multitrack digital recording software that comes with the Presonus. The software is a watered down version of a larger program but it not only records tracks, it allows you to make drum tracks, orchestral tracks and a bunch of other sounds and samples and add them to your music.
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Think of your recording gear as a whole new instrument. Just like guitar, you can do simple things in a few weeks; some pretty cool stuff within a few months, but it takes a long, long time to get really good at it. And having great gear isn't critical... but you'll want to get good stuff along the way.

This whole new instrument takes time to learn as it is made up of many complex parts, and there are so many techniques and theoretical bits of knowledge to pick up along the way.

It's expensive, and a steep learning curve.

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Well said Axemanchris.

In my opinion, Fruity Loops isn't a particularly good program, however, it is a good program for learning on, and can often be a useful tool to have on your computer, though I haven't had it on my computers for a few years. You're new here, so i'm sure people are willing to let it slide, but if you do chose to download illegaly, don't mention it on here, a lot of people spend a great deal of money on software, in the vicinity of $800+ (these are the people who realize that the makers of a majority of music related software are just musicians like you or I and have families to feed the same as we do). As axemanchris said, its a long and painful but rewarding process. Any time you have a question or are confused about something, feel free to PM me, but research it yourself first, its the best way to learn, you can only develop so far when people are spoon feeding you information. Tweak's guide is really great, make sure you aren't over complicating the concepts, a lot of it is elaborate words and phrasing used to describe relatively simple concepts, start from the beggining of the guide, and work your way through to the end. Good luck, stick with it.

Edit: wow, I just realized you aren't new here, and I am new here, woops, oh well.
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I only downloaded th demo of fruity loops, nothing illegal.

You are right about the terminology and phrasing as I suprise myself by getting lost in the jargon, particulary on Tweaks guide.

Thanks anyway, I guess ill have to work it out in laymans terms (sadly)

Btw: As We Are Scientists once sung, time means nothing, I might have been a member longer but I certainly am not learned in theory or recording!!!
After tryin fruity loops, Ive uninstalled it, Its not working for me.

Also, audacity is not playing ball as it has problems with time syncing tracks,

So all I have left is hydrogen for drums and audacity, are there any other free demo's or programs to record multiple tracks and add drumbeats?
Well evidently Audacity isn't the problem, how are you going into the computer?
I'm the new king
I taste the queen
In here we are all anemic
In here, anemic and sweet