I suspect that I wired my bridge humbucker such that my tapped single coil is the one closer to the bridge because it sounds really bright. Is there a simple test I can do to verify this setup? Besides messing around with wiring again (I had my bridge/middle out of phase at first hack) can I just physically pivot the humbucker and not get anything out of phase again? Thanks.
i believe Coil Tap just cuts out some of the humbucker's output to mimick a single coil

coil split is the one that actually chooses between the 2 coils of a humbucker
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Right, he's referring to a coil split. Everyone calls it a tap when it isn't.

To test which coil is firing, you just tap on it with something metal. It will make a loud sound through the amp, whereas the dead coil will be very quiet.

Is it out of phase now?

You should be able to fix it by switching to the other coil. If you spin the humbucker around, you may get the same effect. It takes some experimenting, because who knows what your magnetic and electrical polarities are.
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The neck/bridge (auto-split) are in phase now. All I want to do is to split my bucker such that the coil closer to the neck is used, by spinning the whole thing around. This should work without throwing the whole thing out of phase with the middle again, right?
I would rewire it... When you spin the humbucker you will reverse the magnet and likely have the same problem.

It's worth trying though, as it will only take a minute to see if it works right or not.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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