i wanna buy a new guitar summing with a licensed or orginal floyd rose, real pups (no crappy duncan designed), i run ma current guitar thru a line 6 spider 3 and i play metal and hard rock. NOT A STRAT STYLE!!!!

and ohh yh price range £400 to £600

new amp>new guitar
but if you insist
look at some schecter's, deans and jacksons
Yeah, you need an ampwith great tone before you get a new guitar, otherwise that new guitar will still *basicly* sound the same
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new amp>new guitar
but if you insist
look at some schecter's, deans and jacksons


That amp is mediocre as best, to be honest, and you'll get a larger difference in tone if you buy a new amp. I'm assuming you live somewhere in the UK so I'd suggest looking at laneys? I don't know a lot about laneys but I'm pretty sure they have a few high gain models.

But like Ghold said, if you're 100% set on getting a guitar look at some schecters and jacksons.
Maybe something like the schecter C-1 hellraiser FR?
You could also look at ibanez.

Edit: Didn't notice you said no strat style. I still reccomend looking at some of the things I mentioned.
Also, I'm not sure if you want to look used, but if you could you could find a nice peavey 5150 used for around your pricerange, and that amp would last you a really long time, if you want to play metal that is.
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Maybe you can check some deans,jacksons and maybe osme ibanez guitars
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yyeh i looked at the dean v255 and the jackson ke3 kelly

but i need a bit more advice

like the trems build pups stuff like dat
Get a new amp before a new guitar. Always. A new guitar won't improve your sound very much if you're playing through a Spider.
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yehh thank

but i think im gnna go for a guitar cuz of the floyd rose and if i have enough money im going to buy a peavey 5150 cheers