I am a beginner and currently have an Ibanez GAX30BK. I am looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy GX or the Standard Plus Top. Besides the Dirty Finger Pickups (which I am not sure what benefit they would have to me), is the price difference worth it?

I am learning mostly Disturbed, Metallica, GnR, but with some Jet and bands like that thrown in, a pretty wide range. I was going to pair it with the Vox AD30VT amp.

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i think so. cosmetically, the Prophecy has more to it than the Standard like the gold hardware, graphite nut, etc. i'd go for the Prophecy.
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The GX is better. The Dirty Fingers are great pickups, and destroy the ones on the Plus Top. Plus, graphite nuts are good.

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Get the Prophecy. With an ebony fingerboard and 24 frets it should be extremely comfortable.
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Supposedly the Prophecy Series doesn't have an ebony fretboard. Epiphone just dyed rosewood boards to make them look like Ebony. The one I played looked like really dark rosewood, didn't feel like ebony. The Dirty Fingers are nice pickups though, a lot better than the stock Epiphone pickups.

If you're looking for an Epiphone with a Graphtec nut, Gibson pups, and a nice figured top check out the link in my sig. It could be exactly what you're looking for