Hey UG people.

I was wondering if anyone had experience in this kind of stuff.
I changed my string gauge on a Floyd equipped guitar from a 10 to a 9 ( wanted to see if it was faster to shred Pantera solo and the like ) but ever sins i installed them it seems the first 6-7 frets Buzz when on gauge 10 they were quiet. Ive adjusted the thrust rod ( Loosening it to make it bow more sins there was less tension on the neck due to the weaker strings ). Not sure where to go from here , the action was perfect with the last strings.

Any ideas ?
uh, i wouldn't have touched the truss rod, instead just slighty raised the action, due to the strings being slightly thinner hence looser.... no?

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why go to 9's? they feel like your not even playing on anything

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Take it to a guitar tech, unless you know what your doing(and judging by the fact you called it a thrust rod, im guessing you dont) i would recommend messing about with it.
Please take it to a tech before you do some serious damage...and dont play with your truss rod again in ignorance. I don't want to sound high and mighty or anything, but you could do really bad, irreversible damage if you don't know what you're doing.
I had the same problem. Had 10's, switched to 9's. The 9's buzzed and felt like some toy strings so I changed back to 10's and love it.
thinking the same thing right about now , I'm loving my 10s allot more right now , as for those who are scared i break something don't worry about it its an old cheap guitar, if the "Truss" rod would break id just use the guitar for camp fire wood. i Don't see why how you could damage a guitar like that anyways.
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if you overtighten or loosen the neck to much it can snap, or warp severly

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