i hope this is the right spot for this.

okay, so i changed my strings about an hour ago. same gauge same brand. except i used to get just normal dean markeleys, now i had to get dean markely blue steel. whatever, so i just restrung my guitar, and i tuned it by ear using one of those online tuners, its accurate enough. (i didnt use a normal tuner because i couldnt find one and my pod with the built in tuner that i usually use just broke this morning as well...)

the problem is, whenever i play something past the 9th fret and the d string, its just a muted note and doesnt play. everything else also sounds weird past about the 12 fret.

i dont know what could be wrong, i made sure all the strings are in the notches in the head/tail piece.

i have a gibson custom 1968 that i got november 3rd, 2007
this is the guitar
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Maybe its the intonation.Try checking by playing the open e string then match it to the 12th fret,and do some other tests it might be intonation.

What? He's got dead notes, it's obviously not the intonation.

Look and see what's killing the note- whether it's the pickups or something else. Try raising the action, or lowering the pickups if that appears to be the culprit. If it's not that, you most likely need a fairly major truss rod adjustment, so taking it to a tech would probably be your best bet.
well on my low e, when i play the 12th fret, its muted. the e, a and d strings hit the 22nd fret if i play anything above the 9th fret. i have touched anything since last night other than replacing the strings.
probably the strings, even though same guage, have more/less pull on the neck... adjust truss rod possibly?
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alright, yeah im pretty much shitting a brick right now, so i guess i'll just have to take it in to a tech. my uncle's comin in about an hour to see if he can find whats wrong with it. he know all that stuff. he also knows a tech who set up the action for me a few months back. im just hoping it doesnt screw up my guitar.