so i was looking around and found this site: http://www.valvetronix.net/

pretty useable for those who can't dial in the sound they want themselves, or are looking for a particular tone too...

ps...heres a couple more...

Rhcp- under the bridge tone
Black 2x12
Gain- 9 o'clock
Volume- max
Treble- max
Middle- 3/4 o'clock
Bass- 9/10 o'clock
Use compressor effect as well

Classic rock ie. led zepplin
AC30TB setting
Gain- 2 o'clock
Volume- max
Treble- 3 o'clock
Middle- 1 o'clock
Bass- 10/11 o'clock
Reverb obviously works well too.

Oasis tone
UK 90's setting
Gain- 1/2 o'clock
Volume- max
Treble- 3 o'clock
Middle- 1/2 o'clock
Bass- 11 o'clock

Kinks tone
UK 70's setting
Gain- 4 o'clock
Volume- max
Treble- max
Middle- 2 o'clock
Bass- 10/11 o'clock

Sex pistols tone
AC30TB setting
Gain- 2/3 o'clock
Volume- max
Treble- 4/5 o'clock
Middle- 2/3 o'clock
Bass- 10 o'clock

New indie type tone e.g. futureheads, bloc party, razorlight
AC30TB setting
Gain- 10/11 o'clock (mess around with this to get the right amount for a particular band
Volume- max
Treble- max
Middle- 3 o'clock
Bass- 9 o'clock"
the oasis tone is for the 60/120 watt i think unless you mean UK '80s
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