For me rack seems like the way to go. I don't gig much so I'm lookin for stuff that sounds good in studio. thoughts?
Rack amps are a lot more versatile and tweakable, yes. However, decent ones are way more expensive than good, regular amps. So, if you've got money to blow, go for it.
Right now this is what im thinkin...

Engl 530 Preamp - 600 USD
Carvin TS100 Power Amp - 550 USD
Lexicon MX200 - 200 USD
DOD EQ - 100 USD
(Maybe) Sonic BBE Maximizer - 200 USD

If i dont go rack im getting an Engl Fireball

Is this rack a decent sounding setup for home volume levels of a really thick but clear death metal tone
Anything can sound good in a studio if you have the right recording equipment and most of all someone that knows what there doing.
"People worry too much about tone instead of just rocking out"
well on top of studio id also like to sound good when just practicing out of my 412 Marshall 1960 loaded with G12-75s...think that'll work?