So i have the truss rod routed and i can do one of two things next.

glue the fingerboard on, then cut out the neck to the fingerboard (roughly 1 5/8'' to 2 3/16''), then glue body wings on and start routing...

Or glue the body wings on, start routing (i already have my 25.5'' scale length laid out so i roughly know where my fingerboard is being placed), then glue up the fingerboard, then cut out the neck.

what do you guys think would be easiest? the fingerboard is already roughly shaped to the 1 5/8'' to 2 3/16''... it has some divits here and there so i will probably flat block it.

i think i should probably glue up the body wings and route away first... but i dont know, ive never done this before.
first one seems easier to me
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