So, I can get a Hellraiser from the shop I work at for, roughly £520, something like that, but the only problem is that I'm not a huge fan of EMG's. They don't sound great through my current set-up up (Peavey valveking w/ a processor), but having said that, within a few months I should hopefully be getting an ENGL Screamer.

So my question is, what other Schecter's (or something comparable) are there that are "equal" to the Hellraiser in terms of build quality, but with different pickups? I would probably at some point swap out these pickups for something more specific, but at least this way, I could save at least the £50-£75 price hike that guitars with EMG's have.
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The C-1 Classic's essentially the same guitar, but with a JB/ Jazz combo and a different finish and inlays.
well the Blackjack's have black outs, but if you don't want active pups you have to get a different company or replace the pups in the hellraiser
i have a blackjack, but i put emgs in it...mistake i think, im getting a C-1 Classic soon

a blackjack is nice as hell just like a hell raiser but with SDs

a ESP LTD M-1000 with SDs nice as hell
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i realllllllyyy like the c-1 artist, same build differnt look
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The classic is nothing like the hellraiser, Necks are different size and shape. The classic is a neck through and weighs a ton. Both are nice guitars just nothing like each other.
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Just to clarify what confused ppl are saying...

Regular Blackjack = jb/59
Blackjack ATX = blackouts

but yeah those two, hellraiser and classic seem to be the top of the range. The rest are cheaper in construction/materials/pickups.

Don't get an M from LTD. Stupid flat topped alder guitars are stupid. Look at the H-500 w/duncans.

Having said all that. Get the blackjack. It wins.
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Sorry I guess I didn't really make it clear in the first post, I don't want EMGs in the guitar because I don't like actives full stop, Blackouts included.
Funny words.
And I say get the blackjack with jb/59's. Definitely the best choice.

EDIT: People keep mentioning the blackouts because their selling point is being the active pickup for people who don't like active pickups. You should maybe at least give them a try. SD would have you believe they're the best of both worlds.
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i think ur gonna get flamed pretty bad.

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LTD MH-1000 NT
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