I've been learning how to program VST instruments (HalionOne) into an instrument track on Cubase. I've got it down I think... The only thing I haven't been able to do easily is make the kick drum louder and the high-hat/cymbals softer...

In other words, can I raise the kick drum volume and lower the high hat on the same track? Should I be using a different track for the kick drum and another separate track for the ride/high-hat stuff? Seems like that would be lots of work.

How do you guys do it?

Try changing the velocity on the markers, should be at the top of the editor page. Higher the number the "harder" the hit and lower.........
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That's good for changing the velocity of ONE note at a time.

Go into the midi menu to the list editor. Filter so you just get the kick drum track, (probably a C1 note value or something) and make sure you select all of them. One of the columns will be for velocity... just change the number to something softer. (probably a C1 note value or something)

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