I have a Laney RBG-500 combo amp which i bought second hand about a year back, and although not amazing quality, it has lasted me long enough through various jams and rehearsals, and done the job.
Fo the last few months it has lived at my drummers house for ease, and it turned out, while i was away for a few weeks the rest of my band decided to put vocals through it, and, when i got back, presumably with vocals going through it, it has broken, meaning that it has almost no volume no matter what level it is on, and everything is very distorted all the time.
it is now pretty much unusable, so does anyone have any idea what is wrong, and even better, and clues to how it could be fixed?
It sounds like its speaker is blown. I don't know how you could blow it running vocals through it. I woulda figured a bass amp coulda handled it.
tell your bandmates to go with you to guitar center/ comparable guitar place and for THEM to pay for the damage they did to it.
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i've taken the grill off and had a look at the speaker, and it doesn't seem to have any visable damage, or is the damage not obvious?
troubleshoot - narrow the problem down to CABLES-BASS-SPEAKERS-AMP best found in that order
1. Try another cable
2. Try a PASSIVE bass ( because your battery may be daed )
3. for HEAD/CAB setup make sure your SPEAKER CABLE is good and that you are using a SPEAKER CABLE NOT INSTRUMENT CABLE happens alot
4. but in your case it doenst sound good i recommend pounding the top until you get a louder sound from it....
thanks mate,
but already tried changing bass's and cables, and still no joy, and its a combo, so there shouldn't be any head/cab trouble?
ADVANCED if you really want to narrow it down to SPEAKER or AMPLIFIER remove the speaker and connect it to another source ie home stereo and play it quietly if it is heavily distorted and crackling its toast but if it works then your AMP will most likely be the next culprit....if the speaker is blown you can get nice inexpensive bass speakers that may even improve the quality of the amp for the future....
If the speaker is blown wouldn't you be able to see slight tears in the speaker itself though? I mean after close inspection?
no not at all...i also do nightclub ausio to pro car audio too boutique guitar amplifier service and even speakers with 1000s of watts running to the can just "fizzle" out....due to overheating the voice coils....even HIGH FREQUENCIES can "blow" a speaker that wasnt designed for it..
you should try connecting the speaker to a different source so at least if it is right away blown you will know that was the problem and if it works CLEARLY,,, then the AMPLIFER SECTION is the next thing to look into...
Hmm, I see where you are coming from, I actually never thought about the coils just overheating, because when I thought blown speaker I normally associated it with the sound physically putting a tear in the speaker.

and if it can't be saved I'd go along the route of what shdowfox17 said. But i would look into trying to fix it just so you would know how.
thanks guys.
tried plugging into just the speakers, so can only presume it is the speakers, as it still didn't work.
would it be an expensive fix if it was the speaker or coils?
You should be able to get replacement speakers

Look into Celestion, or similar makes.
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Replacement Speakers can be purchased from LANEY for an exact replica but you can always look into higher end brands and maybe liven up your tone a little...Celestion as Nutter mentioned is a great direct replacement and will def better your sound --- NOW FIRST THINGS FIRST you should test your amplifier do this by connecting a speaker you KNOW works to the leads that connected the original speaker ito your amp look for something with 8ohms or greater ( if you absolutly cant find one thats big enough wattage wise or ohms wise just use a small house speaker on a very low gain/master/bass setting just to make sure the amplifier can still produce a CLEAR TONE ) you dont have to crank it just try to make sure it still has the "headroom" your used to and the tone comes through CLEARLY....GOOD LUCK !!!and have fun picking out a new speaker just about anything you get ( Celestion, Black Widow, Emerence(sp?), even a Laney replacement will sound good and dont forget to break it in when you get it 2-6hrs on low-med volume then a good 3hrs med-high volume HAVE FUN