Just started guitar and i want a song to concentrate on. I like

Lost Prophets,
Guns n Roses,
The Spill Canvas,
Coheed & Cambria,
Iron Maiden,
Metallica ,
Linkin park,
System of a down,
Red hot chilli peppers,
Smashing Pumpkins

So if anyone knows any songs by these bands, which are kind of easy, please post the song,

Thank you!
the spill canvas-all over you
took me like 5 minutes to learn that song.
good tabs up on this site.
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add that:
Spill Canvas - Polygraph, Right Now! is fairly easy, you've just gotta know your powerchords.

I put up the only accurate tab here for it.

And The Reaping by Coheed is very very simple.
try burn burn by the prophets
one step closer by linkin Park
Highway to hell, back in black by AC/DC
And finally chop seuy by SOAD

All good starter songs by those bands
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Guns N' Roses, try Don't Cry's rhythm guitar, an Sweet Child O' Mines rhythm guitar. Both are pretty easy parts.
Wow...Your taste in music is almost excactly like mine. RHCP!

The Chili peppers have a lot have easy songs out there for beginners to learn,
To name a few:
Give It Away-Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Fortune faded- Greatest Hits

Back In Black-Back In Black
Highway to Hell-Highway to Hell
Hells Bells-(Can't remember the album sorry)
you Shook Me All Night Long

Chop suey by System Of a Down is actually quite easy if you have fairly good right hand stamina, the ability to not hit other strings randomly and can be bothered to tune down your guitar.

Guns 'n Roses
Just practice the main riff for Sweet Chilid of mine. It's actually much easier than it sounds and it helps train your hand for faster riffs over multiple strings.

Unless you have great right hand stamina or want to injure yourself. I reccommend not playing anything from Metallica(Pre-Black album-Plack Album)
Actually the Rythymn bit for Welcome Home(Sanitarium) is fairly easy.

Coheed and Cambria may be a bit too advanced for you but the only song I can think of by them that is simple is "the Reaping"

Lost Prophets..hmm can't think of anything off the top of my head.
BTW went to see them Aug 2nd at Singfest at Fort Caning Park

Some Other easy songs related to the Genres of the bands you like:
Plug In Baby-Muse(Very Fun to play once you can do it0
Beat It-Michael Jackson(riff is easy as hell but FORGET ABOUT THE SOLO)
Iron Man-Black Sabbath(Self-Explanatory)
Sunshine of Your Love-cream(maybe a bit too hard for you but is actually quite easy)
Smoke on The Water-Deep Purple(EASY)
I Think I'm Paranoid-Garbage

Ok.. But one more thing, not being mean but you can forget about playing maiden if you just started out

BTW Excactly how long have you been playing because I'm assuming you have been playing a month/2 months or so?
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Iron Maiden - The Trooper, The Wickerman, Dream Of Mirrors, Aces High, Iron Maiden, Prowler.
If you've literally just started then forget pretty much everything recommended in this thread because none of them are what you'd class as beginner material. Start learning your open chords and find some songs that will help you practice them, Knocking on Heaven's Door is a fairly straightforward one to start with.

Remember, if we're talking beginner stuff then that means no palm muting, no lead stuff, no powerchords, no barre chords, no right hand damping, no fast strumming etc etc.
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