I suppose they also call this a cracked bridge. Anywho, the bridge of my guitar is lifting off, yikes. I would say I can fit the width of a dime underneath it. I am scared to bring this into a guitar repair shop with getting an estimate first. Has this happened to anyone before, is it generally a major repair.... does it cost alot? The guitar is worth 700ish. I should have kept it under better keep, but I think it was just to high string tension, the low e's peg stick out further than the others...

Sigh, I am the sad...
yes, i had it on my 68 epi acoustic
i had it fixed, and it cost close to $200 for that and a few other minor things. so yes, reasonably expensive. but i wouldnt let it go untouched.
**** me... I am going to get a hard shell case too, and a weather control system, friggen ridiculous. The guy I bought the guitar from is going to repair this and he is going to throw a fit when he see's this..
A lifting bridge can be caused by low humidity. When a guitar dries out, the wood shrinks. The bridge and top wood are made of different woods and contract at different rates.

The repair shouldn't be too complicated. They just have to get the moisture back into the guitar and reglue the bridge.

Anyway, loosen the strings to relieve the tension.
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Could have spent some time in a locked up car on a hot day. Just the thing to partly melt the glue and lift the bridge. I'd immediately take the strings off and back off the truss-rod anti-clockwise [always do that if the strings are going to off for awhile] before any more damage can be done [especially to a $700 guitar]. Take it in for repair as often the bridge can be re-glued without having to remove and replace it. You need the right clamps and hide glue etc. A small inexpensive job with a bit of luck.
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It was never in a car so I doubt it was heat melting glue. Humidity is most definitaly the case. Canadian Winter + Basement - Guitar Case = Me stupid.
I pray this is under $100