How do you do them? With 2 or 3 fingers? I mean:




I personally prefer the 3 finger version.

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i use the 3 finger one

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I do them with the power of greyskull.
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You can just use two fingers for the second one. That's what I do.
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I mostly use full barre chords
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some song just have 2-note power chordes and some three, you can do them either way, (2 finger= index(on root) and pinky(on middle and octav note)
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You can just use two fingers for the second one. That's what I do.

Yup, I use 1st and 4th fingers for most of my power chordage.
I use pointer and ring finger for 2 and three string power chords

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either way, the second has a fuller sound so it just depends on what your playing and what sound you like
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