Our band is called A Four Star Failure. We're based in the Sunrise/Fort Lauderdale/Broward. We have lots of songs and are starting to play shows. Right now we there are 3 members but our singer/bass player would like to play rythm guitar instead of bass. That's why we need a bass player. Preferably one with some chops.

You can check out some of our songs here:


We do mostly alternative rock but lean towards the kind of music you'd
hear from Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Brand new.
I add solos to the songs and prefer for them to be instrumentally interesting.

Our ages are 20-23
would the rhythm guitarist be willing to go back to bass? i could provide u with extra guitar support! im 18. i live in stuart but would be willing to commute down for i have friends and such in that area. just let me know.
That's a long way to go man. Stuart,FL is about 88 miles from Sunrise,FL (the house where we practice) and about 1 hour and 30 minutes of a drive. I don't know about you but that's a long way to drive and we try to practice every Tuesday and Thursday.
well i make the commute every now and again because i have friends in the area. but i was hoping we could meet halfway somewhere as well if it was possible. if not then distance would be a factor. for some reason i was under trhe impression it was alot closer. hahaha