Is the "Hughes & Kettner Warp X Guitar Head" good? Like would you be able to pull out some nice sliptknot, linkin park, old metallica, tool and godsmack sounds out of this?

The main reason im considering this amp over the Peavey 6505 or 6505+ is that the Warp X has a switchable effects loop: parallel/serial/-10dB.

Here is a link to it Warp X

Your thoughts guys? Oh and is it a high gain amp? and if so Would the ISP Deci be able to get rid of the humm/hiss.
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Anyone? would like some opionions over just blindly placing an online order.
I have no clue about this, but peavey are pretty reliable and I should go and try it out before "blindly placing an order" dont rely on what we say.
Well I decided im going to go with the Rivera Tre Reverb, Its an amazing high gain amp to an amazing Acoustic amp. Apparently you can really come up with your own sound with these bad boys considering alot of top names use them AKA - Korn,Slipknot,Staind and Evanescence.

Rivera Tre Reverb

Anyways, what do you guys think?
I looked up alot of info on the Warp X a little while ago. From what I've heard over at BMusic and other places, the amp is good, but it's best used for lower tunings. If you're tuning to C, or anything lower, then you may like it. I dought it would get you close to those bands you've listed though.
Hehe thanks car. I decided im just going to go with the Rivera K tre Reverb Head. From what I understand and the bands that use them they are amazing.
I think im going to go american brand this time around. The River looks to be amazing.