it is a s/e 2000 made by mci intertek....

i have looked my guitar up on google and found other guitars made by mci intertek but i havent found the s/e models at all can anyone help me out with some basic information about this guitar ex pickups...... i boguth this guitar when i was a kid in the 1980s if anyone knows about it please help me thankyou i'm also new to this site
Pics or the guitar doesn't exist
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.........oh wow.
Eddy 372, im nominating you badass of UG
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I believe thats the best looking Explorer I've ever seen, I did think they were all ugly until i seen that one Eddy372 good choice.

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its a strat HSS body... with an Ibanez headstock... ok... idk...

That is definitely a Jackson style headstock.
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That is definitely a Jackson style headstock.

i don't know head stocks too well... but its definately a strat hss body...
ok thankyou for the help if you learn anyhting more please post it i know that gretch guitar comapny bought mci intertek in the 80s
charvel? it looks like the one Mantas from Venom used
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its made by mci intertek but there are no traces of it on the internet is it possible this is worth any money?
when you say super strat what do you mean are mci intertek good quality guitars?
Superstrat would be - strats leaning more towards shred and metal.

Though technically with it's lay out it is a regular strat. Just looks a bit more "shred" to me.
I have one of these guitars- Mine is a MCI 2000 tele copy. They are made in USA by a subcontractor for Carter. You will not find much info, because they were discontinued within 2-3 yrs of production. Carter, who makes lapsteel guitars (and fine ones I might add) wanted to start making guitars. They hired a top shelf crew of builders- here is a link to one of them- GFI Instruments Gene Fields - http://www.gfimusicalproducts.com/Pages/About%20GFI.htm

Hope this helps- If you find one snatch it up!
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Just a no-name brand Super Strat i'd say?

If you can't find anything about it, mod it into a shred machine

More than likely made in Korea in the late 80's
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uh i have no info about it, but look at it! who cares if its rare unless youre going to sell it, play it! it looks like it can shred, with the black and the red inlays! or strip it and paint it some variation of an EVH paint job
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