due to recent events i had to sell off me valveking, so im on the market again, with a ****ty budget...

however im saving!

i like planning ahead, and i like to go to a store knowing what i want, and i dont know what i should get, or keep an eye open for, so i need your help UG

so basic facts first, i play lots of blues, zeppelin and floyd kind of stuff and as heavy as up to GnR stuff
I'm currently on a sweet little baby i am starting to like more and more with time, namely a '62 MIJ Fender Telecaster. lovely guitar to play on, really!

however, i want to be able to go heavy on the sound (as you see GnR level stuff)
so i was thinking of putting an SD lil' 59 at the bridge and probably an Alnico II pro by the neck, thoughts? will i still be able to keep that bluesy/ sound on the guitar if i go this far?

or should i get a new guitar completely? lots of thoughts atm

ooh and amp. basically i want to use it both for home and gigs. and i kind of want to buy one and be able to not worry bout an amp for a LONG time. it can't however be too expensive as i dont want to wait for too long for saving up, i'm on a ****ty amp atm and i don't want to be stuck to it forever.
maybe my demands are too high

so, help?
thanks !
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From the sound of it a Peavey Classic 30 or 50 would be right up your alley. Then maybe a pup-swap if you think your Tele could use a bit more distortion or overdrive to work with.
right, sorry
i live in silly sweden, so, $ wise, im willing to go for around $900 for an amp
and whatever it takes for pups

oh and, im thinking get amp before pups,
aye or nay?
well, i've been looking in to things
at this rate i'll probably be able to get an amp by end of september

currently i am looking at:

Peavey classic 30

im wondering how a Orange Tiny Terror head + PPC112 would work out for my desired sound.
anyways its probably between those two
also, would they manage gigs?