I just wanted to shine my electric guitar. Is there something you recomend for it. I use a Yamaha Pacifica PAC012
clean with naptha then use guitar polish.
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Just a decent rag would do it.
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lemon oil

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Don't use lemon oil on the body, lemon oil is only for fretboards. If you use lemon oil on the body it leaves a film on there thats tough to get off. Use regular guitar polish and a clean rag.
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carnuba wax after a good polishing, it leaves it smooth and shiny.
sperm leaves a good polished finish.
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I think I have lemon oil so thats for wood if I dont get it wrong. Il use it then for the frets and the headstock and ill find then something to polish the guitar body .
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Is it suposed to be shiny? I have Yamaha pacifica 102s, and it has a flat finish, and the finish is clear, kind of blondish. It could not be polished without refinishing the wood.
Wipe the guitar of with a nice cloth, that should make it shiny, if it is supposed to be shiny.
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theres a video on youtube of this guy modding an esp an he uses this wax that i think is for cars but it makes even the most flatest of satin finishes super shiny ill post it when i find it
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I think I have lemon oil so thats for wood if I dont get it wrong. Il use it then for the frets and the headstock and ill find then something to polish the guitar body .

It depends how your headstock is finished, I use linseed oil on my fretboard once every 6 months or so and guitar polish (you can pick it up at any GC or music store for like 5 bucks) to polish the guitar itself.
lemon oil and an old shirt
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