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The tune isn't completly done, lacks bass and vocals and the solo is just a bunch of mindless wanking at the moment. Could use some crit on it. C4C of course.
For an incomplete piece it's very impressive. It feels tight and there were no playing mistakes from what I could tell. Feels a tad thin, but when you add bass that should fix that right up. It felt nice and aggressive all the way through and carried momentum through the entire song. Solo was good and overall feel was great. The talking in the background during some parts weirded me out, as if it didn't feel at place there. Maybe when/if you add vocals it'll flow into them nicely.

The Pit. The Movie.
awesome m8, I was headbanging the whole song :p, it can be a great instrumental track only adding a few short guitar licks in the "verse" zones, but it sounds great as it is now. Excellent job with the drums (I specially suck at it)

Awesome man, great guitar work and the drums are well done too. I agree with Gacel that with a few licks it can turn into a great instrumental piece as well. Great job man.