Does anyone know how i can find out what my network access code is for my psp, i only have the manual from when i bought it and it doesnt tell me
Are you trying to connect to wireless internet with it or something?

Just letting you know if you are no one knows that info here. But I don't have a PSP so I don't know what you're talking about.
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no, i need it to connect to an online game, its not the wpa/wep key its something else, ive tried everywhere else, just thought i would try the pit as well
O I came across this at a PSP forum site. Just call Sony and theyll give/send you a new one. It came with your PSP.
i read that you need the receipt, dont know how true that is but yeah i am gonna give them a ring, was hoping there was another way so i dont have to wait and be redirected etc when i call, but cheers, its the only way if you you dont have this bit of paper which red digits on it that came with the packaging.