For those of you who have this pedal..

Would I be able to put a keyboard and guitar in it at the same time to loop both or would I need 2 seperate ones?

Not like at the same time, but in a gig situation would I be able to loop guitar and keyboard without ****ing about with cables?

how many inputs does it have?

if its 1 do you have a splitter cable?
Thank you please.
I think you'd have to get two pedals. I think it's mono, so it would just mess things up if you'd run both the guitar and the keyboards through it.

If you're miced, maybe you could run the miced signals through it, and that might work. Or it might just sound terrible. I'm not sure.
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Once you record one loop (with you guitar) you can overdub it with whatever you want (keyboard), if that helps.
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