Hello, I have been using many video game emulators lately (i have the original games as well as the ROMs), and I have been wondering: is there any way at all that i can link up (e.g. link cable on a GBC or GBA in real life, like with the dual play and all on certain games)? I have been wanting to link up the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages ROM, and Zelda: Four Swords ROM.

I'm using the BGB Game Boy Color Emulator for Ages/Seasons, and VirtualBoyAdvance for Four Swords.

I would also like to use the link feature for Pokemon, dont flame.
Some of the gameboy emulators could run 2 instances at once and you could link them up together (me and my brother played pokemon together)

doubt you can do it together with a real life gameboy
VBA link can do it across the internet. I think NO$GBA did the 2 instances.
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