Does anybody know what pedals in particular that John turns on whenever he solos?

I know he uses a DS-2, but I really don't think it can give him that smooth signature tone that he has for his solo

Is it just a big muff? or something else?

I'm talking about his distorted tone btw. I know that his ibanez wh-10 is a big part of his tone already.
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The DS-2 and Big Muff combo is the closest you'll be able to get without dropping the insane amount of cash on his amp setup or his vintage strats
his full setup is on guitargeek. look there
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I think in an interview, he said that he uses an English Muff'n now for solos.
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Quote by funkbass369
his full setup is on guitargeek. look there

thats really outdated, its got the basics on there but now hes got loads of extra ****. For his basic distorted tone your best off with a big muff and ds2, sometimes he uses them both together, sometimes just each on its own, he started using some other pedals on his board during the SA tour like thhe mosrite fuzzrite and an EHX English Muff'n, maybe we'll hear more of them on their next album