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The ESP or Schecter electric
2 50%
The classical
1 25%
The Guild acoustic
1 25%
Voters: 4.
I've been trying to decide whether to get another electric(probably a Schecter or ESP), or a classical,or a Guild acoustic.

But which one.

The electric: I want to get something that's more geared to heavier music such as metalcore and hardcore and stuff along those lines. That's typically the genere of music I listen to. I already have a Gibson Les Paul Studio but I just want soemthing that's more agressive. That's why I was thinking a Schecter or ESP/LTD.

The classical: I've been wanting a classical because of how different the neck feel and sound are. I'm sort of interested in playing classical guitar,but I'm not sure how long it would last.

The Guild acoustic: I've played this one at a local guitar store that I really like,and if I get it I would give my girlfriend my Simon&Patrick for Christmas. I also want a dreadnought,and I normally play acoustic at home and in one of the bands I'm in.

So,what to do? I out put this here because I don't thinkit would fit anywhere else.

Poll up in a minute.
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Nab an acoustic. You can play them anywhere, and you already have an electric.
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I'd go with acoustic or classical because you can get electrics to do whatever you want with tweaking.
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If you didn't notice,I already have a Simon & patrick acoustic which I like,it's just that I sorta want something bigger. Would the Guild even be an improvement on it?
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If I was Santa you'd all get shit for Christmas.