I was wicked board so I made this hole thing in paint. This is a design I've had in mind for a while, I major in woodworking so hopefully my teacher will let me make it next year. Tell me what you think. Also yes I know its not perfectly portioned but its the best I can do on paint.
very good, not sure about the shaping around the pickup selector. also the frets are in the wrong positions but you cant help that in paint.
well done

p.s:I love the headstock
Yea i don't really like the part close to the pickups, to curved.
Other then that looks good. Guess its not perfect, kinda hard in paint.
lol for paint that is pretty freaking awesome. i'm not much of a natural finish person, but thats still awesome.
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I was wicked board so I made this hole thing in paint.

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the grain on the fretboard is running the wrong way,not bad though

c'mon dude, you notice the smallest things!

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No upper-fret access.

good point