I'm looking at buying a peavey valveking 100 watt head with the 4x12 cab. I've played it in the store a few times and thought it sounded good but they don't let you turn up very loud. how good is this amp for playing classic rock/metal?
It does both of those genres fine for the most part but if you want "teh br00talz" you'll need to invest in a decent overdrive pedal to boost the gain.
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I'm also planning on getting the VK100 head, but the general consensus seems to be that you should stay away from Peavey cabs and go Orange.
trust me...it doesn't sound worse with cranked volume...I only came to 3 with dist and 5 with cleans but I almost went deaf...it sounded much better than with volume at 1.
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alright sick i'll be gettin the head for sure, dont know about cab im still looking for a good i can get at a decent price.